Saturday, July 07, 2012

my house in the woods

My house

the little gator in one the lakes about a mile from my house

The bigger gator ( Bubba) same lake same log

no pictures yet of deer, wild hogs or the inside furnished house thought there are some unfurnished ones:

Ceiling and walls in front part of house are all real wood beams and panels love it!

Back yard view

I am loving living here. Everyday I see deer, and all kinds of birds even saw a red crested woodpecker! I am looking forward to reclaiming my fence and flower beds over the next few months and in the fall putting in a garden.

SO this is my house in the woods....think I might see if I can change the name of this blog to that... you'll know if I succeed or not!


Teresa said...

Aweome revamp

Little Miss Sunshine said...

So are you going to wait till you move to change it?

BBC said...

That's a pretty fancy home compared to my cave.