Saturday, July 07, 2012

my house in the woods

My house

the little gator in one the lakes about a mile from my house

The bigger gator ( Bubba) same lake same log

no pictures yet of deer, wild hogs or the inside furnished house thought there are some unfurnished ones:

Ceiling and walls in front part of house are all real wood beams and panels love it!

Back yard view

I am loving living here. Everyday I see deer, and all kinds of birds even saw a red crested woodpecker! I am looking forward to reclaiming my fence and flower beds over the next few months and in the fall putting in a garden.

SO this is my house in the woods....think I might see if I can change the name of this blog to that... you'll know if I succeed or not!

Sorry this took so long to get done. I am only 7 months late with it. since I sincerely doubt any of my readers are still out there Welcome to any new ones!
SO all the changes I was talking about in the previous posts I can now talk about but they are now COMPLETELY different than what they were. But then again so is Blogger I am going to have to play around a bit and figure it all out again.
But onto my changes...
first what was happening is my job I had decided to outsource the kitchen to another company and I decided to not continue on with that company. I had another job lined up that would start pretty much when the old one was supposed to start but they couldn't pass inspection and I was out of work for 4 months waiting on them.  When they finally do open I was told that I would not have a Sunday off for 6 weeks. This was not negotiable with them and I decided to put my church attendance above the job for once. After having spent 5 years working every Sunday I really had enjoyed being able to attend church each week while I was unemployed and had decided that I need to be in church. So it was scary not having a job and all but thankfully unemployment saw it my way and continued to pay my benefits. The Lord saw fit to bless me for my faith and I was able to find a job helping out a lady who had broken her leg and had 8 kids at home to care for. I fell immediately in love with those kids and really enjoyed my time with them. I will post more about them later. after I had been with them for about a month or so a perfect job fell into my lap.  The long time employee at the BSA camp in the area decided to give her notice and quit. The head ranger there had been introduced to me at church and called me to see if I was interested in the job...oh and btw it includes housing? I said yes of course. So in all it took about one month but I started my new job on June 1st and got completely moved into my new house in the camp on the 9th. There are many things that contributed to this happening but I believe the main thing was me saying no church is important and I need to be able to attend regularly and frequently.
I am tired but will be posting about my adventures in my house in the woods with the alligators, deer, wild hogs, turtles and bunnies! I promise to not be 7 months again before I post...hopefully somewhere less than 72 hours will pass between all my posts.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Under Construction....

As I said earlier changes afoot in my life so the ol' blogs got to keep up and change too. ☺ should have it all switched around in a couple of days....
not that anyone reads anymore with my sporatic postings as late...but that is one of the changes that is gonna happen...